SolarCart was created and built in 2016 by Justin and Matt, who wanted to bring together great eats and renewable energy. In its first two years, This little stand has served hundreds at events and festivals around RI. Now, the cart has expanded to include an outside grilling area so that you can watch your food get fired up! In January 2018, Josh and Korn started Ming's and teamed with SolarCart to bring locally sourced and sustainable Southeast Asian street eats to the Greater Providence Area. 


Yum - a Thai word that describes the perfect balance of the four flavors - sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. Yum is to our food as sustainability is to our philosophy. We pay careful attention to and respect for the ingredients in our dishes just as we do for the ingredients of our environment. That's why we aim to source as much local food as possible and serve out of the SolarCart, which uses the sun's energy to power a portion of our operations.